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McCain and Obama on Broadband

I've just published an article in the Washington Monthly about the differences between Obama and McCain's technology policies. Here are the fact checking materials and some useful links:

There's lots of data about how exactly the US scores in broadband access, all of them showing the same trend. This is I think the best study and it's where I got my main data:

Here's another spread sheet from Lawrence Lessig, who also has a very smart video taking on this topic.

McCain's technology plan. Obama's technology plan.

The exchanges between Kevin Werbach and Michael Powell in which Powell was unable to name one coder who supports McCain: here, here, and here.

Here's a great article, also from The Washington Monthly, on competition and the 1996 Telecommunications Act

Gigaom has a good post on France. The WSJ does too.

A summary of McCain's Merger Review Act.

One of many stories about McCain's connection to Telecomm lobbyists.

The data on political donors is all from Opensecrets.org

Forbes list of top telecomm companies.

The 1996 Telecommunications Act

FCC eliminates facilities sharing.

Smart blog posts about the story can be read on Crowdsourcing and Tech President.