Kennan & Nitze’s Cold War

The Hawk And The Dove

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“May be the most important political biography in recent memory” —The Washington Times

“Brilliant … a penetrating, amazingly accessible study of the origins and conduct of the Cold War.” —James Hoagland in The Washington Post

“The book is brimming with fascinating revelations about the men and the harrowing events they steered through.” —The New York Times

“In this important and astute new study, Nitze emerges as a driven patriot and Kennan as a darkly conflicted and prophetic one.” —The Wasington Post Book Review

“A fascinating and highly readable book.— The New York Review of Books

“lively and illuminating” —Newsweek

“Nicholas Thompson provides a white-knuckle glimpse inside the 20th century’s most dangerous moments.” —Time Magazine

“Thoroughly engrossing” —The New York Times Book Review

Packed with good stories and tasty quotes, ‘The Hawk and the Dove’ is a balanced and highly readable portrait of two contrary temperaments set against the background of the cold war.” – The Economist

“The Hawk and the Dove does an inspired job of telling the story of the Cold War through the careers of two of its most interesting and important figures.” —The Wasington Monthly

“gripping, stirring … Thompson has delivered a book that’s not just a labor of love for a grandfather; it’s a vindication of a tradition of civic-republican comity.” —Talking Points Memo Cafe

“A very good new book” —The National Review

“A compelling story of two men who shared a lifetime of conflict and camaraderie.” —The Daily Beast

“[An] outstanding dual biography” —Booklist

An impressive dual biograpy … recommended for all.” –Library Journal

New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice.